I need advice. Hubby and I are TTC for baby #1. My period is due on the 6th. I took OPK and I got my "peak" and everything. Did the sex on the days we were supposed to.

I've been taking first response early detection tests the last 3 mornings (like a psycho🙄😂)

all have been negative, but my period hasn't gotten here yet so there's still hope!


Now to my question...

The last three NIGHTS I have woken up from my sleep and had to throw up. I have slight cramping and headaches, but the vomiting is so spur of the moment and it's ONLY at night? It's almost like clockwork and it started 3 nights ago.

My hubby thinks I'm pregnant and it's too early to show on a test, and that this is my "morning sickness". I read morning sickness can happen any time of the day or night......

I'm literally nauseous right now typing this and it's 10:30pm. If i was ONLY nauseous I would think I'm MAKING myself want to see symptoms but I'm literally vomiting for a good few minutes then I'll be fine.

Someone please be nice and help me and give me advice! If I vomit again as hard as I have been I may go to the ER because this is not healthy. If I was pregnant this would be understandable I guess....HELP?!?!