pregnant or nah?


normally in these situations i just hope for the best and ignore it till i get my period but it seems weird this time.

so background: my periods have been coming every two-three weeks lately. i have no clue why and it sucks. but this month it didnt come early like it has been for a couple months. so i wasnt sure if that meant i was technically late or not? so i waited for the time my normalll period would come around and im now two days late on that.

We had sex twice during ovulation- and tbh we're super bad about birth control. we usually throw on a condom right before he cums and i know thats not smart but thats what we do now. 🤷‍♀️ we've been together for about four years and we're just fuckin lazy now i dunno.


about ten days after ovulating i spotted once & cramped so i thought i was starting my period but i guess not.

i took a test yesterday and it said negative but it was late and i know sometimes they give ya false negatives when its too early.

what do you guys think?? do you guys have similar stories or advice??