So I was supposed to ovulate on the 3rd of this month and we have BD every other day and as I laid in bed earlier today I put my had over my belly and I did a little prayer I'm not super religious but anyways I said

"god please I hope you can see that what my heart needs is this child,please help our baby make its way into our life.i have waited and I can't say I'll be 100% ready I don't think anyone can be ready but what I'm sure is that this baby no matter boy or girl it will be a true blessing and s/he will be truly loved, thank you for hearing me,I'll leave it in your hands. "

I opened up my Pinterest because I couldnt sleep and the first thing I see "GOD HAS HEARD YOUR PRAYER.JUST TRUST HIM AND REMEMBER:HIS TIMING,NOT YOURS."

My heart just felt so warm☺️❤️