Dealing With Depression


It may sound hard to believe, But once you get into depression, you can only free yourself. You are your biggest critic, therefore you beat yourself up even more when you are depressed, but even if it just starts with changing your way of thinking, you have to change SOMETHING When you feel you're coming to another depressed stage in life. Create new affirmations & repeat them everyday, and do different things in your life to help you reach your goals and take your mind off of why you became depressed in the first place. Coming from an African-American Woman who has dealt with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts from here and there, the best way I've found to cope is within my MIND. Once you change your way of thinking and attract the goals and dreams you aspire for, things will start going more smoothly and within time you'll find yourself exactly where you want to be! Hope this helps someone❤️ We all may not have someone to talk to , & thats what you're reading this for😌