FWB but not really ?? Why does he do this!!



So I got out of a bad 5 year relationship in march. I reconnected with a male acquaintance shortly after at a bar. Got his phone number/Snapchat. He seemed kinda interested at first and would snap chat me every day a lot and would make sexual or say something perverted (and still does to this day).

We have similar friends and began hanging out together with this group of friends every weekend and built a friendship.

We finally had sex in May, then again 3 times after that about once a month, with the most recent time being 3 days ago when I picked him up from a wedding and he wanted me to sleep over. We were drunk every time.

When we're out at bars together he'll get drunk and try and talk to other girls which I try not to let bother me.

But a few weeks ago he told a girl friend of mine that I basically take advantage of him when he's drunk ?! Which is not true at all he usually comes on to me or it's a mutual thing. He told me shortly after that how he does not like when I try and 'do things' with him (like text him for sex when I'm out drinking). So I asked why he even slept with me in the first place and his answer was because he was drunk. He also then said he just doesn't like when I get touchy feely when I'm drunk.

Then 3 days ago he asks for a ride home from a wedding and I agreed and had no intention or expectation of hooking up. Then he asks me to sleep over and I initially kept saying no, but he kept asking and I told him no because of what he said. And he laughed and said I can take advantage of him when he's drunk and I gave in and slept at his house.

We have amazing sex and he's really into it and passionate in the moment, and always focuses on pleasing me.

Then we go on like we always do as friends and he'll still make jokes or references towards our prior sex encounters.

He seems to be the very guarded type when it comes to feelings.

of course now I have a crush on this friend, and I just don't know what to do!!!

WHAT IS HE THINKING AND WHY IS HE LIKE THIS! Why is it okay for only him to call the shots!!