Any pregnant mamas in the path of Hurricane Irma?

Pamela • Son Patrick 3/6/06. Chemical pregnancy 11/2016. Baby girl/boy twins Liliana and Alexander 11/7/17

We woke up this morning to find out that Irma is now a category 5 and if it stays on her current path, it will hit South Florida by Sunday. I am currently 28+2 with twins and already high risk for preterm labor. Though making long trips is not advised this far along, we decided to head 4.5 hrs north and inland to Gainesville. This is our first real hurricane since moving here last year (we had a tropical storm) and didn't want to over react but now we are hearing neighbors and friends who have lived here for years are leaving the state. Unfortunately that wouldn't work for us so we are hoping to be safe where we are.

Of course the first step is to get clearance from my specialist and head OB on Thursday before we go but I'm thinking that if I'm not already in pre term labor, they would rather me take the drive rather than try to ride out the storm and IF I do to into labor, be stuck with no way to the hospital.

I am so nervous and not sure what to expect.