Was this rape?

Maybe 2ish years ago I was super drunk and my boyfriend at the time brought me home. I was wasted and all giggly and I was that embarrassing drunk girl. I was coherent, but definitely so drunk I was ready to fall asleep and the room was spinning. I guess he started to get horny and he kept asking if I was okay and I was too tired to reply so I just laid in bed like a mess. He put it inside and kept going and was asking are you okay? Although I could tell what was going on, I for some reason was not responding to him asking this. I don't know why. He was my boyfriend so it never really scared me that he did that, but looking back on it I think it's messed up. He finished and I never replied to him asking if I was okay. What are your thoughts? I was coherent enough to understand what was going on, so I'm really torn up.