Welp two days left. 😭🤞🏽

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Af is due 9/7. Got a faint positive yesterday. Took one today and the line didn't get darker and actually looks lighter. Might try to take it later on and see if it gets darker. If af doesn't come Ima go get a blood test done. I may be out for this month. I'm trying to stay hopeful tho. 🤞🏽

I didn't have any of my usual af symptoms besides having cramps every once in a while. None of my af craving I've actually lost my appetite. I've been irritable lately and my boobs hurt. Yesterday when I was working I had like a burning sensation in my boobs on and off all day. Today they feel kinda tender. I haven't really had any discharge. I just hope af doesn't come. If she does hey atleast I got a faint positive. 🤗

It's like every time I start to get doubtful or something I feel a prick in my uterus or my boobs start hurting.. Maybe it's a sign. 😁