awful news


well, we found out our second pregnancy isn't going well. I'm scheduled for a D&C; tomorrow evening. there is no baby, just abnormal tissue tricking my body. they don't know the cause; thought molar pregnancy but have since ruled that out. now maybe chorioangioma. either way devastating news.

when we left the apt my bf said "before we go home I need to stop and buy butter" I'm like "ok? why?" he replied "it's the only thing we don't have to make your soup. I texted your mom for the recipe and I want to make you it while you have a bath"

I just started crying. everything sucks so bad right now.. but he always works his hardest to make me happy. I'm truly not nice enough for him but I'll hold on tight anyways 💛

I see so much hate towards men.. but there really are some amazing men out there.