Induced vs. waiting...


Okay so let me start off with saying I would much rather wait until baby was ready to come vs Induction. Here is my issue though, I have nothing against it or women who choose to have it, but I do not want a c-section unless it's an emergency & I don't have a choice. At my appointment last week my doctor told me that she wants to schedule another sonogram the day before my due date (9/11) to check the baby's size. She mentioned that if he measured 9-10 lbs she would want to schedule a c-section. Now the last sonogram I had was 3-4 weeks ago and he was just about 7lbs. I am 39 weeks today and have an appointment with her tomorrow and am thinking about asking her about being induced due to me being incredibly uncomfortable, and feeling very strongly against having a c-section. I wouldn't mind waiting if there wasn't a chance I could end up having one. I was just wondering about everyone's input on this?

& yes I know I could risk needing a c-section being induced anyway but I know a lot of people who were induced and that was never the case.

Please no hate 💕