Help I'm at my wits end


I've just had a baby two weeks ago and I have a 19 month old. He's a very difficult child. He screams for everything. I believe we spoiled him because we were at his beck and call all the time and now he won't take no for an answer and he's basically the boss of us. I feel awful about it but I'm beginning to resent my child :(

My husband doesn't understand how hard it is, he leaves for work really early and comes home late so he doesn't see how horrible our son's behaviour is. When I tell him he just shrugs it off.

He also doesn't enforce my rules. He's got no bed time. Tonight he took our son out to get a take away at 11pm. Children should be in bed at that time. I told him leave him at home and he just took him any way.

I don't know what to do. I feel like a shit mum for allowing my son to become this horrid spoilt child who's just going to get worse and I hate my husband for not being a proper dad to him. I guess I just need some advice as I feel horrible and really want to just leave everything behind and go away :(