Am I to blame for his actions?

When I was 5, about 6 I was molested by my brother. He was 15. I won't go into detail but anyone who was ever molested knows the type of pain it causes and it lasts as far as I know; a lifetime. I never told anyone. I was afraid my parents might literally kill him, and i was so ashamed i just never uttered a word. Life went on. At 16 I graduated high school with honors. As a gift I got a bottle of alcohol (not something i did often, but it was a time to celebrate). I was a light weight, and i passed out drunk. I woke up, and my brother was fondling me. I was so scared, and again ashamed. I don't know why, but i laid there in the dark, and cried wishing. Hoping. Someone would wake up and come check on me and find him touching me. Again i never said anything afraid of the repercussions; that was 4 years ago. This year he was arrested for charges of child molestation and statutory rape. His girlfriend has three little girls and he did things to them all.. worse things than he did to me. My world stopped when i found out. I got physically sick. It never crossed my mind he would do this to someone else. Girls so tiny. I blamed myself for a long time. I still do. Those girls will never be the same. Is it my fault? Could I have stopped this from happening if I would have just told what happened to me?