How do I clean up a cigarette stench?? Advice please ???

How do I get the stench of cigarettes out of the floors and wall of my new baby's room ?? (Baby due in the spring).

We bought our house last year from a family whose adult son was a heavy smoker (and drug user). The room that will become my second baby's nursery STILL has a stench to it over a year later.

That's DESPITE repainting the walls, doors, and window frame!!!

I ASSUME it's from cigarettes, but I don't know. It's not pot- that I know for sure 😜 But - does hard drug usage leave an odor ? I have no idea. Honestly it could be anything.

The odor only gets bad if you leave the door shut. Opening the windows helps, but temporarily.

We will re-paint, and include the ceiling this time too.


I'm wondering if it could be in the wood floors. They have an ordinary lacquer shine to them, a top coat of some sort. Mopping with soap and water hasn't helped.

Or maybe the vents to the room?

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Any ideas on what to do about this would be much appreciated!!