Help! My 8 month old doesn't feed well

Brie • First time mommy living in OC! 😍🙆🏻💞

Zoie just turned 8 months today and we are having a hard time with eating. She does great with her bottle. She gets 6-8oz at a time of formula every 2 hours. Currently she gets purée twice a day. Once at lunch and once at dinner. She barely likes any of the flavors. Right now avocado and sweet potatoes are the favorites. She hardly ever finished the full jar and half way through she starts to spit it out and refuses to eat more. I see other babies younger than her that LOVE to eat and are even starting to self feed themselves. I know all babies are different but if anyone can offer some tips to make this process easier that would be so great! I just want her to be a foodie like Mommy :)