need help on things i dont know about.


so... this kinda sounds stupid but ive only flown once my S.O. hasnt ever flown never been outta cali before... so this is gunna be funnnnnn😍😍😍😂😂😂 im so excited for the snow like omfg his nuts are gunna shrivle up and die nd hes gunna be currled up crying i wanna go hommmme or (theres no place like home theres no place like home) nd click his lil red shoes nd pray lmao hes never seen snow before. meanwhile... i grew up there this heat is killing me im over here like spongebob screamin watttter i need watttter

😂😂😂😂 but what im getting at is ive only ever flew once nd had a limited amount of time to pack. were leaving around december (his choice) to wisconsin... 😂 and im tryinf to get everythinf ready to go. im very very excited so is he to be able to leave the state. he wasnt so ok with it at first cuz hes never left here nd i get that but we talked for a long time nd he understood what i was getting at nd he is ok now with the plan he likes it. but i need advice on packing and how you go about with carry ons like are u able to have a carry on and a purse or deos that count as ur purse.? and can u bring crotche needles on if u croche or do u need that in ur bags or should i just mail it to my mom? she wants us to move in so im ok with it. im mailing most of my stuff thro that flat rate box stuff best way cuz im great at packing stuff in amall spaces lol i got a mexium size box thats almost 30lbs xD if it fits it ships lmao but yeah whats ur best ideas nd advice????