Oh. My. God

I just had the best sex of my life! Story below

We were watching tv and we were letting it build, I was in my sexy nurse lingerie, he had been playing with my nipple throughout the whole show until finally we couldn't stand it anymore and he pounced on top of me, teasing me, then he went real slow building me up every second until I came...Hard! I had a towel down and squirted so hard it went straight through it. Then he started playing with my nipples again while still thrusting and I was going crazy so he goes "tell me what you want" until I finally said "I want you to fuck me" and ladies he did I'm talking he had me screaming from orgasming over and over and right before he came he let out a loud moan and pulled on my hair while kissing all over my neck. He blew a huge load then got up and winked at me and say "boom, pregnant with a little girl"