Long post but I'm looking for home remedies to help my sick daughter..


So my 2 year old daughter got a runny nose yesterday, which quickly turned to a cough, I just marked it up to the mucus running to her throat made it sore causing a cough and didn't get worked up. Well today that quickly went to her having to work extra hard to breathe, her eyes have been watering, and then her temperature shot from 98 degrees to 104 in about a half an hour, she quit drinking her water, was shaking so bad and just didn't want to move a muscle. I of course panicked and rushed her to the ER. They told us after checking her over she just has a cold and fever, and turns out she has an ear infection in her right ear. They gave her motrin, and gave us a prescription for amoxicilin. I was able to make it to the pharmacy in time to drop off the prescription but it closed right after I did that, and I can't afford to go buy Motrin until Friday. All we have is Zarbees all natural cough medicine but that doesn't seem to help her at all. I feel so bad because she can't even eat a meal. She'll take a bite and cough for 5 minutes afterwards. Bless her heart she did try. I got her to drink some more water and gave her a little juice to give her something she likes to drink to give her the boost to keep going with liquids. But she fell asleep. Trying to eat her dinner and just watching her sleep now she seems to be having so much trouble breathing it kills me. Does anyone know any home remedies that might help clear up her lungs to help her til I can get to the store to buy her some medicine.?