So my husband and I are going to be getting a divorce. Right now he is an inpatient for psychiatric reasons, so we can't talk at the moment. Before he left I told him that this was going to be happening, but I don't think he understood. Basically over the past year things have been bad, with him being jealous and always accusing me of doing wrong. He would get mad at what I wore (which was never anything bad). It even got to the point where I found a camera in the house. There's just been a chain of bad events, and it seems like it only got worse. Now, I know I'm not perfect but the thought of divorce is just so stressful and sickening. I know it's what needs to be done, but it's so hard because I never saw myself in this position. What makes me feel even worse is that random guys are trying to get at me and I know I'm not ready for any of that. I know this post is confusing but I just needed to vent. Positive comments are always helpful!