Deep Thoughts


I wonder if more people are depressed now a days or people have just lost skills to cope... Have we been so sucked into technology we have forgotten what real relationships between people look like? Maybe this social media is antisocial forcing us into deep dark corners of our minds. Have we forgotten what it is to actually breath without anxiety weighing us down? Do we remember what it is to look at nature with our own eyes and not through the lens of a camera? The constant dinging and buzzing's of our phones drown out the chirping cricket and the babbling brook. Minds running so fast but legs not moving at all. We wonder why our bodies are not perfect, when perfect has been dictated and blasted at us from every imaginable angle. The pressure to conform is crushing us as individuals. We are so overly stimulated that our brains are starting to misfire at the synapses, because they were made to work one way but forced to run another. Running away from all that we know is true to what we think is true. Running our mouths just so we don't have to stop, listen, think and feel what is actually going on inside. What if we all just stoped? Stoped, listened and looked at what was going on around instead of looking to our phones for answers.

Just some thoughts written out and figured I share in a semi poetic way