Is it safe to use lotion during sex?


My boyfriend has been really upset lately because we are in a long distance relationship and he has been having financial issues. I want to treat him next time I see him. I want to give him a full body massage. Starting with his back, neck, and arms using this Aveeno relaxing lotion I have. Once I give him that massage I want to start turning him on by lightly "scratching" his back (he really likes this) and then tell him to turn over. I then want to do a little bit more teasing and give him a hand job. I know that boys use lotion to masturbate but is this one safe? If we decide to have sex and he puts on a condom after I have given him a hand job with lotion, will the condom rip if lotion was applied to his penis? If it does should I just use lube or have no penetrative sex at all?

So I'm kianda new to this sex life. What lube should u get iir should I just ask him to get what he wants?