Immature boys?!

Okay so I'm 21, and I had sex with this 18 yr old today (literally was in and out of his room in 5 min lmao) and when he finished he noticed that there was some weird consistency of discharge on him, and made a huge deal of it. I'm pretty sure it was from me & im assuming I have a yeast infection I didn't know about. But yeah he made me feel so fucking awful and ashamed saying like " I'm so weirded out" and saying he was gonna throw away the towel e used to clean off and shit. I know logically he's a fucking child and I shouldn't be upset, but it made me super self conscious & now I'm kinda scared to have sex again, even though this is 1/100s of times I've slept with someone. Ugh. Has anyone had this happen wdischarge or a shitty reaction?!