Moving in with the in-laws

Hello everyone,

If you had the chance to move in with your in-laws, to help save to build a home & be debt free would you do it?

My husband and I are talking about it, we would be debt free in two years, our debs are our student loans and his car. My in-laws are the sweetest people in the world! Very caring, and always welcoming I love them! We are going this weekend to clean out a room and see if we can make it work with our stuff. Right now we live in a townhouse we pay $850 for rent plus utilities. All together is $1,000 and something. That money could be used to pay off our debts and we can be debt free by the time we are 32, and 31, then we would only need to worry about our home.

We already talked with them and they said they would not be opposed to the idea, they would love to have us.

The only thing that would be a little awkward for me would be if they heard us having sex 😂😫 I think I would be mortified! Other than that I am ok with the idea.

What do you guys think?

Thank you! I think we are going to do it! I don't want to still have debt in our 40's. Just thinking of being debt free gets me excited! No more student loans! :) for those of you saying no, thank you for your opinion as well. I don't think our relationship with my husband or in-laws will change at all. It is only for two years not many people can say they paid of their student loans in two years, that includes mine and my husband's plus his car. we will have everything paid off! Time goes by fast! :) I think it is the smart thing to do.

Forgot to add they live on an acreage so there is more than enough room, their home is huge!