2 early miscarriages

Morgan • Army Wife 💏 Expecting our Rainbow baby 🌈🤰🏼

July 15th 2015 I suffered my first miscarriage at 6 weeks 3 days. I was devastated as this happened with our much wanted baby one week before our wedding and four months before my husband deployed. Then June 11,2017 we suffered out second loss at 5 weeks 5 days. The doctors did testing and said everything came back normal and that sometimes these things just happen. Well now with me being 35 and having 2 miscarriages I am considered high risk. should I do more testing to see what it could be and if it can be prevented from me having another loss? Any tips on to have a successful pregnancy and not stress out. We aren't actively trying bait have said if it happens it happens and will happen when God days it's our time.