Worried about mother 😕


So sunday she started getting hot flashes she been getting dizzy spells and has been throwing up like some clear thing its not actual throw up its somewhat similar to water except this is thick...she has missed yesterday from work and went in today cuz her boss is an ass anywayss she was heading to work and then came back she said she couldn't do it she is too dizzy to drive and to top it off her boss says hes got other people wanting to work 😒 & got mad!!

So now im telling my mom its best to go to the ER but she doesn't want to cuz she had something similar to this about 4yrs ago and paramedics said that it was just too much stress she had on her back so that was causing everything..thing is these days i seen her calm so idk what to do...& she is not diagnosed with anything no diabetes no cholesterol nothing so does anyone have an idea of what this could possibly be or what could help for dizzy spells...btw shes in her mid 40's

Thanks in advance! ❤️