FTM and not sure if this is normal or maybe need to consult my doc?

Taylor • Slay your own dragons, Princess. ❤️

All day today I've had menstrual like cramps. They don't really go away. At points they have been pretty painful but I'm still walking around, etc. It kind of feels like I need to use the restroom but not much happens when I try to. Pretty uneventful. I also have a ton of pressure in my lower abdomen.

I'm also noticing that over the last couple days I get this sharp tightening in my lower back. It feels like my muscles are contracting and my whole lower back gets very tight and then it goes away.

I'm 35 weeks + 1. I'm guessing this is probably just normal but I haven't had it so not sure. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Appreciate you ladies!