Two Rainbows in the Sky

Shaina • My husband and I are trying to conceive our third child.

before going to the grocery store (to get a pregnancy test) I told my husband I think we're pregnant. lately I've been praying for twins. I have two boys already and we've decided this next time would be it. I always wanted 3 kids but something inside of me wants 4 with 3 and 4 being twins. Long story short I was coming back from the grocery store and I saw two rainbows in the sky side by side. After seeing that I knew for sure I would get my positive test after being 4 days late. Sure enough got my positive test as soon as I got home. I may have not have twins in there but I'll believe it until the ultrasound says different. I'm trusting in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he knows what I can and cannot handle.