Boyfriend problems šŸ˜’

Tara ā€¢ mama to an angel šŸ’—

So me and my boyfriend are pretty young (17 &19) but we live together. We pay all our bills and whatever. We both work. He believes in a more fair life and I believe in a more equal life. So I was off today so I cleaned the whole house and cooked. Our deal is whoever cooks washes dishes. There were barely any dishes and he said to me "why I doing the dishes if I worked all day" I wanted to explode. I work and the come home to wash dishes, clean litter boxes, and vacuum and sweep the kitty litter away. While he cooks. I get it he does a lot for the house but I don't think he gets that I do either. I grew up very fast and didn't get to enjoy my teen life, or even childhood that much. And yet I'm still a teen. But I can't hang out with friends because I'm working all the time, or doing something for the house. With what friends I barely have. I am also dealing with more than usual amounts of mental illness, and on top of that trying to recover from drug addiction. My life isn't easy either and I don't think he realizes that. I love him to death but I don't think he fully appreciates me, idk just needed to rant for a second.