Down 16lbs so far this pregnancy. Fiancé says I'm doing it on purpose!?


I guess I didn't realize exactly how much I lost so far until I did the math last night. I should preface this by saying: I HAVE LOST WEIGHT WITH EVERY LASTING PREGNANCY IVE HAD.

Ok. So this is my 4th child (6th pregnancy) and with my first, I lost 13lbs. My second I lost 16lbs... my third I lost 90lbs! (She was my biggest baby at 7lbs 13oz)

I had a gallbladder issue and really struggled to eat and had to eventually start eating plain white rice to maintain my weight because the ensure my dr prescribed made me sick... I had my gallbladder removed 8days after her birth.

I'm 11weeks and some change, but went to the dr the other day and lost more weight. So last night I was telling my fiancé and he says I'm doing it on purpose. I'm truly hurt. I eat pretty well aside from the half gallon of icecream I've had in the last week.

I can't eat bread or noodles (I honestly think it's a yeast allergy that I developed when pregnant with my third because I can't drink beer ((when not pregnant)) either... they all make me pretty violently ill. I think that's the only common ingredient as I can eat flour tortillas and some other products with flour)

I know I'm odd man out here and most people are feeling like they are already huge... I FEEL that way, too. (Not like eating disorder huge, just in case someone jumps to that... just my belly is growing)

But I just can't seem to maintain my weight or stop losing. I feel like I eat all the time...

my dr is testing my thyroid but thinks it's the opposite problem (it's processing slow instead of fast I think) so it doesn't seem that would be the problem.

Anyone have any tips??? Anything?