Crib bumpers?


I'm not really sure where to post this, so sorry if it isn't in the right place.

My daughter is 3 months old, and has just started rolling to her stomach. My husband installed her crib, and put the bumpers on. We've argue about this for two months now, as he wants bumpers and I don't! I would much rather her potentially break a bone or bust a nose or lip, as the alternative of her suffocating. He has the "the statistics for suffocation are much lower than broken'll never happen to us" attitude. 🙄

So, for the sake of a huge fight, I left the bumpers on. But, now that she's rolling, I have WITNESSED her pressed up against them! We've only had to deal with this problem for two nights now, and their won't be a third. But, I do have a question.

What is the risk of her bashing her head, particularly her soft spot, on the railing? I have a squirmy sleeper, and every time she rolls, she's crammed right in the corner of the crib with her head pressed against the bars.

This is the ONLY reason she has spent 2 nights in the crib with them on. I'm terrified of waking up to a tragedy. I know the risk of suffocation is much higher than her bashing her skull on the rails, but the risk is still there.

Any advice from mommas experienced in this issue?