the last thing on his mind


I'm fed up of complaining, fed up of repeating myself, fed up of feeling like I'm the last thing on his mind, I'm fed up of not being heard, and I'm fed up of being so unhappy. what do I do .. booze comes first before anything else, he promises to change, he promises to stop lying, but nothing has changed as of yet. it's only been a week since the promises but do I wait any longer ? we're moving soon, and I'm wondering do I move in alone and make a fresh start for myself, or a fresh start for us. there's only so much I can do, it has to be 50 50 .. but I'm doing all the trying. what do I do I'm so tired 😞. **UPDATE** : I have made up my mind, I'm going to leave him, he topped it off earlier by telling me he went to work this morning, but infact he didn't .. he was spotted in the pub all afternoon. he doesn't know I know this, I'm keeping quite just for a while longer . I'm worth so much more. that .. I'm starting to realise .. I'm broken hearted but deserve better 😭💔