So tired of “crunchy moms” trying to tell me what to do

Destynee • PCOS • 2 natural born • pregnant with our letrozole baby🤍

Let me just say if you are a “crunchy mom” I have absolutely NO problem with you! I applaud you for the extra miles you put in!

And for those who don’t know what a crunchy mom is, basically it’s an all natural mom. No epidural, no inducing, breast-feeding, baby wearing, organic all the way, sometimes non-vax.

Now I plan on breast feeding so just because that’s a plan doesn’t make anyone a crunchy mom lol

But omg I’m SO sick of all these ladies in some FB mom support groups I’m apart of trying to tell me how to go through labor! I get that you live your lifestyle a certain way but so do I and I think we all deserve that respect to not be judged or pushed past a certain point. I want to be induced if possible on or around 39 weeks because I am just too small for this big baby to keep going and who knows when he will get here! I also want an epidural because I want to enjoy the last part of my labor lol and I know it doesn’t always work but most of the time it does! And if I want to use a paci and breast feed I will! I know my hormones are nuts right now but I just want people to keep their opinions to themselves and I know that isn’t possible because everyone is entitled to speak freely but gosh back off! Even people trying to tell me “I can’t do it without an epidural and only crazy women would opt out of an epidural.” JUST MIND YOUR BUSINESS!! Lol Can I get an amen! Or not if that’s not what you do🤷🏻‍♀️😂