Stephanie • Mama of two 💕

So my son is 11 months old. He'll be one years old in 2 weeks. He's a regular kid and tries to play with things he's not supposed to, like outlets or cords, and we will say no. He'll repeat us and say "nonono!" . But the past week or so he will pull my hair or smack me in the face just to see my reaction and hear me tell him no. After the third or fourth time of him smacking my face and me saying now I'll BARELY smack his hand. And I mean barely tap it loud enough to even hear skin contact. I don't really believe in hitting or spanking so I'm serious when I say I barely tap his hand.

but today he threw a fit, a BAD fit where he was HITTING HIMSELF in the face and screaming NONONONO! He was just losing his mind and crying so hard while doing this. I'm a little freaked out. is this normal??? pic for attention