stress period?

Catharine • There are two ways to behave: as if nothing is a miracle...or as if everything is. -Einstein
I had my period a week ago. I just started a new job last week and I have a bunch of testing to undergo leading up to my start date. My boyfriend got a job at the same time and left before I woke up. 
He usually does the morning routine with the kids because of my late schedule, so he set a bunch of alarms to remind me what to do and when, because apparently hearing a jarring loud noise 8 times in the morning helps him remember what he needs to get done. Top it off, he left the sound on on my iPad all night. I got pinged from 10pm until 5am for e mails, texts, Facebook, instagram, twitter, shoot me. 
I've had an hour of sleep. Woke up and can't feel my feet, I'm sick to my stomach, my back doesn't want to move, and these alarms are going off what feels like every 8 seconds. 
If an iPad had a neck, I would have strangled it. I was contemplating the hammer method of death when my daughter came and showed me how to turn the effing alarms OFF. Apparently they had been going off repeatedly because in my sleep-deprived exhaustion I had been hitting snooze instead of off. So I was getting the same notifications over and over. 
(I thought he wanted me to get up a few too many times) 
So then I go to the bathroom with some symptoms I'd rather not mention and I'm bleeding too? Checked glow and my period ended 7 days ago...
Can you get a stress period? Or should I be having a chat with the gyno?