Help prepare myself for labor..


So I’m 34 weeks today with GD so their is a chance they will be taking my little chunk early. with my first I was 11 days past my due date and wasn’t effaced or softened AT ALL, which made delivery that much longer and dreadful once they induced. I’m not trying to pop this kid out today BUT I would love to know diff techniques to help soften myself to make things a little easier for when the time does come, any suggestions? I’ve already started EPO and the RLT capsules when I can stomach it (it’s so disgusting even the pill form) but is their anything else I can do to jump start my body for when it’s closer to the time? like I said, I’m only 34 weeks today so I’m NOT trying to induce labor by any means but I would like to have a cervix that cooperates and isn’t locked up like Fort Knox this time around! TIA! 🤗