BFP??? And a some question??

Leia • 🖤💙LEO WIFE💙🖤 ♥️💗Mommy to Braelynn Paige♥️💗

So I know blue dyes are the worst. But I honestly didn’t think anything would show up so that’s why I took this test. I just want to know what you ladies think. I will absolutely reset later today. I did this with FMU.


💜If I wait 4 hours or more to test again today with a pink dye is that okay?

💜don’t test later and just take one tomorrow morning?

💜Now if I don’t get a line on the pink one could that mean that I’m not?

💜Has anyone got a line on the blue test and was actually pregnant even though the pink one didn’t show a line?

Also I always test and iv never ever got a line or faint line on any test b4 so this would be the first time, that’s why I’m kinda going crazy 😜

I really hope this is my month!! 🤞🏼➕

Ps. Today is also my Grandma birthday in heaven, so this would be an amazing gift from heaven from her!! Love you big nanny 💖

Thanks ladies!!!!!