Diva cup pain


So, I bit the bullet and bought a diva cup to try last month when I had my period. I was so excited to try it out because I think it’s a great concept. Especially with the job I currently have. I work in an auto shop, in sales, so I don’t get as dirty as the guys working on cars do, but I still get dirty and it makes me nervous to use tampons when I can’t always guarantee that my hands are as clean as they should be. So, something that gives me the freedom to make it through my 10-11 hour work day without having to be changed sounds incredible. I got it in after a couple of tries and everything felt fine. I emptied and cleaned it before bed that nights and reinserted it. When I took it out the next morning, I didn’t have to work and decided to leave it out for awhile. When I sat down on the bed, I almost yelled because I had a pretty sharp pain in my vagina from the pressure of sitting down. I relaxed for awhile and didn’t feel anymore pain, so I decided to give the cup another try and see how it went. I got it in and everything seemed fine, no pain. That evening I went out and had a few (too many) drinks, but still everything was good. I was really enjoying the cup and what it could do. When I got home, around 11 pm, I’d been wearing the cup for probably 8 hours. I cleaned it and put it in the baggy to store overnight, and again when I sat down on the bed I had a sharp pain. But the pain didn’t really go away this time. I finally fell asleep and was still in pain the whole next day. It took about 48 hours for the discomfort to disappear. I stuck to pads for the rest of that period. Fast forward to this month, I put in a tampon today and felt the same kind of discomfort the whole time I had it in. I’ve never had this issue with tampons before I tried the diva cup. Has anyone else ever experienced something like this? Or have any suggestions?