2 consecutive miscarraiges at 5 weeks bang on


Hey everyone im new to this app and this will be my first post 😊 im married, 38 and we have a 9 yr old healthy boy 👍, we always said our son would be 8/9 when we would "maybe" have another kid.....we got to the 8/9 years and decided why not and that we never want to have regrets about never trying anyway......i got the implant out at the end of Apri.......had a period end of May fell pregnant in June a week later i miscarried........had a period again end of July found out i was pregnant again end of Aug miscarried at 5 weeks bang in again.......so here we are again in the two week wait..........both times we had sex and then i miscarried right at the back of it......the doctor seems to think that this is purely coincidence and we've just had a bit bad luck does anyone have any similar storys and go onto carry a baby to full term??