The guy I love

So I’m in love with this guy, but I’m doubting that he wants to be in a committed relationship with just me. I found out August 25th that he got another girl pregnant. He had told me he wasn’t having sex with anyone else and I thought he was because he wouldn’t come see me when he had a chance. I can’t really blame him because I’ve been distant too but I’m still really hurt. He wants to see if their relationship will work out and they’re going to move intogether (he lives with his grandparents btw) but he also wants to be fwb with me still and ‘see’ where things go. I’m upset about the baby but I’m trying to be ok with it because I have two kids of my own that he’s not the dad.

Backstory with us is I’ve known him since I was 9 and I’ve loved him since I was 13 but things happened when I was 16 and we lost contact until I was 21 and we’ve tried a few times off and on but I’ve been hurt so many times by men that I don’t trust at all. And so I think maybe he’s done with that? (I’m 27 now he’s the same age as me)