After birth help


I’m 16 weeks 4 days. Filling out my birth plan if things go well. I had told my boyfriend I want an hour of bonding time with the baby right after birth. Skin to skin. Clean baby. I don’t care. I want the first hour for us baby and feeding. He told me his mom would object. And it would be hard for the people waiting to have to be told they can’t see the baby right away. How do I nicely say well I’m sorry but I’m pushing it out, I get to chose when his dear mother can come tell me how to take care of a baby since she’s raised four kids 🙄. She stresses me out and I don’t need it. I’m stressed at almost five months with her telling me I’m immature and won’t be able to handle a baby.


Advice on how to bring it up nicely?

Or just tell everyone to buzz off?

During delivery only him and my mom will be allowed to be present. The last I need is his nieces and nephews running around my room being yelled at during labor. He doesn’t like the whole no kids during labor either.