What the heck is that?!!! 2 weeks post D& C

So I noticed some stringy mucus coming from my vagina today and it seemed weird so I started feeling around my cervix to get a better idea of what type of mucus it was. I felt something that felt like a scab and I started touching it more and it felt like there was something stringy coming from it. I pulled on it a little and it seemed pretty attached... seriously... what the f*** is it?

Update: I went into my midwife cause it was freaking me out. Apparently I had a stitch done during my D&C; that the doctor didn't tell me about. My midwife read the doctors notes and said the suture was due to bleeding outside of my cervix. I feel like that's something a doctor should maybe tell you about but apparently it's fine and nothing to worry about. Still a little angry.