First period traditions across the world


Came across this article and thought I'd share it here to get more from you all. The world is a very diverse place with different people who follow different traditions. Some traditions emphasise the cultural values while some have been followed since ages for no prior reasons. However, some of the traditions are unexplainable. One such tradition is related to a girl coming to the age of her periods. Having the first period is the indication that a girl has attained her puberty and it is considered as a tradition in some parts of the world.

1. Philippines

When a Philippine girl gets her first period, her mother soaks the blood-stained underwear in water and smears the water all over the girl's face. There is a belief that smearing blood on the face will prevent from having pimples in future.

2. Africa

In Africa, when a girl gets her first period, she is greeted with celebration. She is thrown a huge party where relatives and friends give the girl gifts. But she is restricted in her home for three long days and she is not even allowed to remain in the company of men and children.

3. Ghana

In Ghana, when a girl enters the womanhood, she is made to swallow a hardboiled egg whole. It is believed that biting the egg is equivalent to killing your babies.

4. Turkey

Now that is something you would find absolutely absurd. In Turkey, when a girl gets her first period, she is slapped. It is done so that her cheeks appear red and she has a sense of shame throughout her life.

5. Iceland

This is so far the most embarrassing first-period tradition. When a girl enters the womanhood, her mother bakes a cake for her which is basically white and red.

6. Japan

In Japan, when a girl gets her first period, her mother cooks a dish known as Sekihan – sticky rice with adzuki beans which is traditionally made for celebrations. The other family members would assume that the girl has got periods.

7. Israel

In Israel, when a girl gets her first period, she is made t lick a teaspoon of honey. It is believed that having honey during periods would make the future periods of girl easier.

8. North America

In North America, when a girl gets her first period, her parents will consult a wise old medicine practitioner, who will tell you how to carry out the 'party'. The morning after the period starts, the girl must promise not to look at any boys (even her father and brother) for a certain length of time. This symbolises that you will protect yourself from boys.

9. Malaysia

As the girl gets weak when she gets her first period, she is made to drink raw egg with some kind of oil poured into it. This keeps the girl active and healthy during those days.

10. South India

According to South Indian traditions, when you get your first period, they isolate you in a corner of a room. Nobody should touch you. You can have food only with salt, nothing else. And you have your own utensils. They do this for anywhere between three and nine days.