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Bobbie • Disabled Army Veteran, wife, mother, nurse❤️ Piper Maise 9-25-2017😍 & Cora Raine 12-27-2018😍

Piper Maise has made her debut. Emergency c section at 36wk...very healthy baby 5lb 14oz 18in

1:32 pm

25 September 2017

Scary day gave me the rest of my heart❤️


Came to L&D; Saturday because I have hypertension and ended up feeling down right horrible so Dr wanted to make sure I hadn't developed Preeclampsia. Luckily I had a viral infection. Got fluids and sent home. Woke up yesterday morning 25 September 2017 and as I stood up liquid ran down my legs, not a gush just solid stream. I jumped in the shower, then put a pad on to watch it. It was still steady at an hour, so I called my Dr office and the nurse said to go in and get swabbed to check. I checked in to triage at 1045am, triage was full so I got out in a normal room. Nurse came in to hook up the monitors, I've had contractions every 3-4 min since 33wks. Heartbeat was steady at 150bpm. I got the Amniosure swab done, along with a cervical check. I started bleeding (but wasn't hurting). Amniosure came back negative even though the nurse could clearly see the fluid running out. Dr agreed that something wasn't right and ordered more tests. He ordered a wetprep to test for infection and a fern test to check for membrane rupture. This caused for a speculum, great nurse, didn't hurt but I was still bleeding pretty good. She finished the swabs and as soon as she pulled the speculum out I began to hemorrhage. My bp dropped to 90/39 and I was trying to pass out. Immediately placed on oxygen, IV fluids pushed, and Dr called. My dr office is next door and he ran over so fast he was out of breath. That's when my back started hurting, but it wasn't going away. I have a very good tolerance to pain, but this was too much. Dr flooded in with 10 other people, nurses, anesthesiologist, NICU team. I came in thinking I had a lot of discharge...ended up having Piper within 10min of being in the OR. My husband has been deployed since we were 5wk pregnant, with how bad everything was, all the blood, all the people rushing, I was oddly happy that I was alone and no one had to see what I had to go through. As my best friend walked in the door I was being taken back to OR, since I was being put completely to sleep she could not accompany me. Dr thought that my placenta was detaching. Piper needed oxygen for all of 10min and is very healthy. Dr said he could not find a reason for the bleeding, or Piper being in distress. He stands by his decision to take her because he believes the viral infection from Saturday could have infected her placenta. Ladies, always listen to your body❤️