I need to rant so bear with me or scroll past

So my husband and I moved back to the east cost this summer to be by our family to raise our son. Our son was born 1.5 months later and is now 6 weeks. We have been living with my in-laws since we moved back because rent around here is ridiculous and we would rather save up for a house. in the meantime I am staying home with our son and not returning to work like we planned because he had to stay in the NICU for a little while and now we would rather me stay with him than put him in daycare. My husband had a job but lost it 2 weeks ago and is not looking for something else. So we very much appreciate my in laws allowing us to stay because it's a huge relief financially until we can get the money for a house. HOWEVER, my father in law drives me up a fucking wall. everything he does seems to piss me off. hes so condescending to everyone and literally calls himself the king. he never seems to understand that when my baby is sleeping, especially lately because the poor thing is struggling with gas pains so much he barely naps anymore, that you can't wake up the baby just because you want to poke at him! He's also so gross, like his sweaty work clothes are hanging off of the kitchen chairs because he strips on the way to the bathroom to shower. he also never washes his hands. I don't want those germs around My newborn! My husband, son, and I all have one room for just us, and it's our only space which is fine. But they're constantly barging in just to see my son. But this is my room. I have no privacy. My husband and I can't be intimate. and we can't drink because they're so against alcohol, even a beer after dinner once in a blue moon. I'm just so tired of having no privacy and for not being able to take care of my son comfortably and how I want to. I want to be grateful because it is a huge relief to have rent free housing while we can get on our feet, but I can feel this situation being very damaging on my previously amazing relationship with my inlaws. I'm going crazy here.