Husband doesn't get it


My daughter is 9 weeks on Sunday, this is my first child and life is so much harder than I thought. She isn't a great sleeper so I'm extremely sleep deprived and frustrated. I would never hurt her, I walk away before it gets to that point but this last week she screams day and night and it is all so overwhelming. My husband just doesn't get it, he thinks I do nothing all day so expects me to clean, wash and iron. He does a 9-5 job and never has overtime, he works 10 minutes away so is always home by 5:15 latest. When he gets home he sits on the iPad watching sports and drinking beer, and acts as if I'm asking for too much when I ask him to pay out dog a bit of attention whilst I'm breastfeeding. This weekend gone I asked him not to drink as he snores really bad so means I can't get back to sleep when our daughter finally does nod off but he drank anyway. Today when he got home I asked him to watch the baby whilst I fixed the ceiling light, I had already cleaned the whole house and done two loads of washing as well as walked the dog. My daughter has screamed bloody murder in between my jobs and has been all week so I got frustrated and started swearing at myself, my husband went mental at me about it. I feel so low right now, I just don't think he appreciates how hard it is being a mum, it's a 24 hour, 7 days a week role, I don't get a coffee break or a weekend like he does. I'm now sat alone, in the dark and quiet feeding our child and putting her to bed in tears whilst he is downstairs watching tv and drinking beer. I've even got the dog laying with me so he isn't doing anything with her either. Am I being dramatic?