Need a Vent

Sorry, I just need a vent. My husband and I have been arguing a bit about money since he is quite stressed about me being on half pay for maternity leave. He earns a good wage (above average) but he constantly stresses about saving for a house, saving for an emergency etc. My husband usually does our shopping and after my cesarean section two weeks ago I am relying on him to do so now as I cannot drive. We have this stupid ongoing argument about moisturiser that always gets heated and ends in him yelling at me. I prefer a natural moisturiser that costs a few dollars more than your average moisturiser at the supermarket. It works the best for me and it's a small comfort that I like to splurge on as I have dry skin and prefer natural products. Anyway, we have recently combined our finances (as I can't survive on my half pay wage, it barely covers the bills). My husband has agreed that 50% of our combined wages is mine but he questions all of my purchases including my moisturiser. It has become a major point of contention as I told him prior to combining our finances and having our first child that I couldn't handle him questioning every little purchase I made, that I needed a reasonable amount of financial freedom as I am staying at home to care for his (our) child which is just as important as him going to work to earn money for our family. Am I being petty or should I let him scrutinise every purchase I make?