Had my baby boy at 40+1.

28th September 2017 00:04am

7lbs 9oz

My due date was on 27th September. Had a Midwife appointment at 1pm same day and was given a sweep. She said my cervix was very favourable and I’m already dilated by 3cm and she can stretch it to 4cm. I had cramps pains for hours after like period pain, then I started to notice irregular co traction’s some strong some not. Then around 5 pm they were really strong and just knew. Got to the hospital at around 8pm and had contractions all the way up until 11.55 where the Midwife broke my waters for me as nothing was happening even though the pain was the max it could be. 9 minutes later arrives Alex George Neale. All nice and healthy. I am in love with him!