Tips for daytime naps?

Roze • Got my 🌈 baby! FTM July 2017. 2nd baby due July 2019

So my baby is 3 months on the 6th 😭 and I put him in his own room at 10 weeks because we kept on waking each other up and ever since then I only wake up to nurse him twice a night 🙏🏽 which is waaaay better than when we room shared cause I misread every noise he made and constantly fed him. Anyway, now that i have night time sleep figured out his naps in the day time are my next challenge. He can almost always fall asleep just fine in my arms or in the swing. The problem is.. he won’t sleep anywhere else. He can fall asleep on his own if he has a pacifier in but the problem is... when the paci falls out he’s instantly awake. Any tips mom’s? Or is daytime napping just like night time sleep and something he’ll eventually figure out on his own.