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So this is a fucking LONG OVER DUE RANT!!! So let start from the very beginning. When I found out I was pregnant we asked our parents not to tell our families just yet until we were ready. Be as it is our first child & semi caught us off guard. They agreed we won't. Then when me & my boyfriend (andreau) are about to go camping, his Nina comes over. She was talking about a certain food & Andreaus mother (Kristy) is like "Oh no don't say that in front of Reyna because she's been so nauseous" Me & andreau just look at each WTF! Then andreau gives kristy a look like are you fucking serious right now?! & this fucking bitch has the nerve to be like "What? I had to tell someone " Like nooo bitch nooo you fucking did not have to tell anyone. So whatever he brushed it off, still fucking pissed but brushed it off. A little after that they tell us. We don't think we can hold it in much longer. We need to tell people. (seriously I'm getting heated thinking about it) Like tf it's not your business to fucking tell bitch! So literally 2 or 3 days after it's Andreaus grandmothers birthday & the whole family is there. So the beginning of the party everything is all peachy a shit. Then later it's like fucking EVERYONE is give us this look. Like they fucking know. There was this one cousin of his that was giving this dumbass of a bitchy smirk. Andreau is like "What?" & she's like "you know what. Don't make me say it. " He's just like "Uh OK" you know still confused & what not. & All I am thinking is like No what bitch if you have something to fucking say. Say that fucking shit. You think you have fucking balls & shit speak. But of course I don't because I'm being respectful you know. Then people are coming up to us here and there say congratulations. So I'm like are you fucking kidding me. I tell him we need to go because I'm fucking pissed. I can't handle this. So IDK if you're from a mexican family but BRO THERE'S SO MANY PEOPLE TO SAY BYE TO!!! However I kid you fucking not every single one of them said CONGRATULATIONS!?!? Andreaus parents fucking told the whole family AFTER WE ASKED THEM NOT TOO. We let that shit go too! Then after that I notice something on her facebook & happen just to look & it's one of their friends asking how far along I am & everything. She of course comments back. BUT it pisses us fucking off because it's like this is not your fucking business to be fucking telling bad enough you already told your guys entire family. You're telling people outside the family. Like WTF is wrong with you fucking delusional ASS people. So fucking next thing. So after I had my daughter we ended up stay at his parents for a while. But it's like right after I had her & came to the house. She was always just walking into the room without knocking. Just taking her as if it was her own daughter. Like fuck can I get chance to fucking bond with my fucking daughter & be a parent she's only a couple of days old! It was always fucking happening! Then we finally went back home she would call constantly if we didn't come & visit after 2 days. Saying she misses her so much and it makes her sad she doesn't see her.!! Like STFU! So then finally we ended up go back to her house for. Month because andreau had work near where they lived & instead of driving 1 1/2 in traffic before and after work from where we lived we diced to to there until he was done. But during that whole time she was doing the same shit taking her as if my daughter was hers. Then is was like finally since we were there for a month it's like she got tired of her & her attitude was like "OK I'm over and done with my new toy now." She never wanted to hold her after that. The only time she would hold her is if I asked her so I could you the restroom. & to me it was just like yes fuck finally but not just brush my daughter off like a used up toy & not interact with her at all. It just keep getting worse just the vibes in the house his dad saying his bitch ASS comments. I was DONE!! One day I woke up and had the most bitch ASS attitude ever until andreau was like "what is wrong?" & I told him " I want to go fucking home NOW!" So we left! & When we got in the car I told him since we're moving back in a month & 1/2 we are not coming to visit at all until then. (we were moving back to save more money... him with his parents me with mine) During that time we had to see her at family gatherings & she is just so fucking fake. Like she would bother with her at her house but around everyone she's like oh gimme gimme gimme. Come with grandma. I'm just like fuck you. you fucking fake ASS bitch! (of course in my head) Trying to be civil & respectful. Then this other family gathering comes up & my daughter is NOT HAVING IT. She doesn't like being hot & it was SUPER hot in the house because everyone was in there. So out of the whole time we were that we maybe spent 10mins whole in the house & half of that was when we changed her diaper. So after a while we are like OK let's leave. So she was outside with his Nina & we went in & said bye to everyone including his parents. So we go back outside. About to leave then andreau remember he forgot his phone so he comes back out side & says can you give me her so I can take her to say bye to my mom before I get bitched at & I'm like NO! The baby is cranky and hot as is I'm not gonna take her back in that hot ASS house. If she wants to say bye she can get her fat ASS of the couch & come if she is making that big of a deal about it! She I swear was sitting right next to the front door. I shit you not she was. So she doesn't come so we leave. After that we head to his Nina's because he close with her &we; end up staying until 4 in the morning & get home at 5 & I post something on my instagram story saying tonight was a pretty chill night posting the time too. The next day andreau gets a text saying how she's so hurt that we said bye to everyone else & not them. (which we did) that we didn't let her say bye to the baby..... Correct she was to lazy to come say bye to the baby. He doesn't reply because he doesn't want to even bother with the childishness. Like just done by this point I'm beyond like fuck this bitch. Then later turns out she's all telling his dad like oh "yea I seen her story they left the party that night not a call or text no one knows where they were at. They I found out from Reyna's story they were out until 5am." First off bitch we are grown ASS adults living on our own we don't need to CHECK IN WITH NO ONE. Fuck you mean. So a few weeks go by & it's just bullshitting of why aren't you letting me see the baby. Just acting as if OUR daughter is hers & she had the right to see her. Like no you don't we don't NEED to bring her at all. Stop acting like you have the right to! So the fast-forward a few weeks things become OK again I guess you can say. But I end up spending more time at his parents then I go mine. ONLY because andreau wants to be around his daughter & spend time with me. I of course want to be with him to. We'll be here for a month straight. Then I'm like OK I need to go home also so my parents & siblings to spend time with her you know. And I shot you fucking not we are not even here for a week and already she is botching and bugging andreau on where's the baby. Bring the baby like fuck you bitch we are there 24/7 & she's not even with my family for a week already your bitching. Uh no. Then recently or well lately me & andreau have a very on plan strict way on how we plan to raise our daughter she is 7 1/2 months old and she knows the meaning of no for a while now. We use a stern voice with her when we are disciplining her & when she hits we smack her hand. Not crazy hard but for her to know. We play with her "rough" so she's use to it when she gets older plus she likes it even now. But anytime my boyfriend disciplines her or raises his had to warn her. She put her two sense in & says put your hand down to be talking to her like that. And it fucking pissed me off because it's not her fucking child. She's doesn't let andreau tell his baby brother (6years old) ANYTHING she'll say I'm the parent not you. But yet wants to butt in the we parent out child the way we agree on. Yet his 6yr old brother yells takes back. Hots his dad and throws stuff on the floor and ignores his parents when they tell him something. Like no WTF my child will not be acting that way. I'm just so fucking fed up with her but it's like I can't tell her anything because they always say "joking" so they say andreau can only live here if the baby is here. So I'm not trying to get my boyfriend kicked out but like fuck man this is my fucking daughter! I don't know what to do!Also when she doesn't get her fucking way OH MY FUCKING GOD. IT'S LIKE THE EARTH NEEDS TO STAND STILL OR KRISTY WILL GO IM HER ROOM & CRY UNTIL SOMEONE FEELS SORRY FOR HER. Then because I try to you know be respectful so of course she ends up getting her way I swear her attitude after is like like " haha yea Reyna fuck you I will always get my way".... I'M SO FUCKING DONE. HELP ME?!?!?