What's the Best Comeback You Have Ever Said?


I know I was being a total asshole when I said it, but I just don't like hearing a bunch of bull shit coming out of people's mouths and it just brings out my inner smart ass. My friend was going on and on about how when she got married she knew it was going to last forever and if you don't think it will last forever than you shouldn't get married and blah blah blah. (She's wrapping up divorce number two and looking for husband number three) This is how things went down.

Her- I knew my marriage was going to last forever. (It was like the third time she's stated it.)

Me- OH YEAH?! Which one?

Her- 😶😑 you're an asshole

😂😂 Like I said total asshole thing to say but by far one of my best comebacks. What's yalls best comebacks?