Spot on ovaries

Was anyone told they had a spot on their ovaries? I’m 11w5d and went in for my second ultrasound (1st stomach one), and the doctor told me I had a small spot on my left ovary. She said it could be from left over bleeding or a mass.. She said not to stress or worry about it and we’ll just check up on it in another 4 weeks at my next appointment to make sure it doesn’t grow. This is my first child. I had a pap done today as well as blood work and everything came back normal. I haven’t had any pains or anything out of the ordinary. (Before I got pregnant I would have horrible period pains and very heavy bleeding..ever since my first period)

I’m not trying to speak anything bad into existence and stress it into something worse than it is. But I can’t help but think about it... Can anyone give me some advice/knowledge about this?

A prayer or good thought would be appreciated too ❤️